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Heart Healed After Prayer

Praise report You prayed over my step mom as she stood in for my dad, the next day he had to go to the hospital for a heart cauterization.  The doctors said that there was a 40% chance that he would have to have bypass surgery that day.  The doctors also had said years ago

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Healing After Prayer

Dear Donner, God put you on my heart to call you and ask for prayer. I am the lady you talk to through the spirit of God when you were in Tacoma, Washington in December. God bless me through your ministries that night and heal my body.

Don’t Worry

Dear Friend, I was going through a pretty hard time years ago. You know, where you feel attacked on every side. I would sit in a church service and weep so hard that I could barely manage to stay seated. The Lord in all of His love and mercy would start ministering to me. He

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We Can Refuse Strife

Dear Friend, I believe with all of my heart that 2017 is going to bring in some wonderful, positive changes. I’ve been searching my heart because I don’t want to give the devil anything to use against me. I have refused to be in strife even when the people that lend their voice to Him

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Let God Be the Judge

Dear Friend, Here it is—February. The world’s “love” is in an abundant supply because of Valentine’s Day. However, the love of God should be evident every day, especially if you’re a Christian. When I think of our Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, I think of God’s love, mercy, and forgiveness that we have all

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Trust What God Can Do

Dear Friend, Here it is: 2017. I’m amazed at how fast 2016 has gone by. Levi is five years old now and tells me how big he is (I’m smiling). Levi brings a great deal of joy to my life. He changes constantly, and quite often, his emotions try to rule. He can be laughing

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