Donner’s Story….In Her Own Words

I was as lost as they come and my whole life was a mess up until the time I gave my entire life to Jesus Christ. As a child I was sold, abused, and often neglected. As a young adult, I got involved with witchcraft. I thought it would be a way for me to protect myself from other people, but it really didn’t. It was during this time that Jesus appeared to me in a night vision and told me that He was going to take me out of this spiritual darkness. It shocked me because, even as an unbeliever, I realized He was more powerful than Satan. I did not get born again right away, but that encounter with Jesus changed the course of my life forever.

Step by step He led me into a deeper walk with Him and then gifts and anointing started flowing through me. Prayers were getting answered. People were getting healed and delivered, which led to invitations to minister at churches and to various groups of people. I became an ordained minister and the Lord directed me to start Beautiful Thunder Ministries.

To get the entire story about Donner in her own words, please watch the video Life Before Jesus to hear her share her testimony. This video will minister to you in a deep, sincere way.