Growths Disappear

D had 5 lumps on her breast.  I prayed for her and here’s her report from Saint Francis Hospital:   We are pleased to report that no evidence of breast cancer was seen on your mammogram.  She reports the lumps are gone. D

Praise report:  I was having problems with kidney stones.  Donner prayed for me and said that God was taking care of things concerning healing.  When I went back for a check-up, they could not find the stone that was in my left kidney.  It was gone, and the doctor was really puzzled.  The last stone that was the same size required surgery.  God just dissolved this stone and I believe they will never form again.  We love you and pray for this ministry.  Thanks,  D

I went to a meeting at Loving Glories Ministry (Minnesota).  Donner was ministering and I ask her to pray.  There was a dry mole looking mark that was on top between my hand and wrist.  It was roughly the diameter of a dry current.  It did not belong there.  I can’t remember exactly what she prayed but I remember her saying it has to go.  I’m not sure but I think I hear her say it will.  That’s exactly what happened.  There is no trace it ever existed.  All Glory to Our Faithful Lord and Blessings Dear Donner.  I thank God for the gentle, loving power of His ministry through you. With Love,L