Free From Emotional Distress & Depression

My name is H.  I’m 20 years old.  I was first introduced to Sister Donner Roberson over 2 years ago.  I had been terribly hurt by the closest people to me.  I battled depression, and I was very overweight.  For a year, each time I went to Sister Roberson’s meetings, she spoke that God was healing my hurts.  During that time, God was continually healing my heart, and my depression left.  I also lost over 50 pounds.  God was doing a work in me from the inside-out!  The meeting after I felt healed, she didn’t even mention God healing me.  That’s when I knew for sure I was healed!  Sister Donner Roberson’s ministry has been such a blessing to me!  She has always spoken a word to me in due season and inspired me as a young person to seek God more passionately!  Even at times when I felt I couldn’t hear God’s voice, I could hear Him whispering to me through the voice of her messages.


Donner, I saw you for the first time back in May at the Village Church in Swanyze, NH.  Ever since God gave you those words for me I have been delivered from that emotional stress.  It was my first time being slained in the spirit.  I am so glad that I obeyed God and went to the service.  I have been praying for you just to let you know!  Thank you for your service and your love for Christ, it really shows.